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Solar water heating can now reduce domestic water heating costs by up to as much as 75%. Our solar water heating systems are designed for New Zealand requirements and because of the design; remarkable savings can result from their use.

Our solar hot water systems are perfect for home owners interested in making savings by using solar energy. We only use high quality, advanced technology in our all-glass evacuated tubes to absorb the sun’s energy. Thermal solar energy created in the tubes (up to 320 degrees) is transferred into the copper U-Pipe Collectors within. The heated water is then pumped to a storage tank e.g. an existing hot water cylinder. One controller automatically controls the whole system and displays the temperatures of the collectors from the water in the middle of the storage and at the bottom of the tank. When the temperature at the collectors is hotter than the storage tank, a highly efficient pump circulates the hot water to the storage tank and pumps in replacement cold water. The cold water is pumped from the bottom of the storage tank and into the collectors for heating.

Dairy solar hot water heating

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There are more than 16,000 dairy farms in New Zealand. Dairy farms use huge amounts of energy to heat water and back-wash equipment for cleaning. Water heating can account for approximately 40%+ of the energy used in a dairy shed. Our water heating systems may be used to supply all or part of these hot water requirements. Average hot water consumption in a dairy shed is between 300L and 900L litres of 85 degree hot water every day.

For dairy farmers there is a huge potential for savings with an effective solar water heating system. Our hot water systems are highly economical, effective, unique and specifically designed to meet New Zealand requirements. Our hot water systems are also modular which means that extra storage tanks and collectors can be installed in order to supply more hot water as needed. Our system can provide a long-term high rate of return.

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  • Save up to $50,000 over a 20 year period.
  • Quick and easy installation with low maintenance.

Van Dam Plumbing Ltd are ENERGYWISE™ qualified solar heating installers. ENERGYWISE™ grant may be available for domestic installations (conditions apply).